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My status
stone cut machine
Dumpling machine
paper tube machine
Laser cutting machine
Marine engine
Vegetable packing machine
Crop machinery
diesel engine
EVA machine
Oil Fuel Diesel Dual Burner
Smoke machine
bubble machine
The machine is applied to splitting the foamed rubber, foamed
EVA, PE, etc. at a high speed and precision.
1. Band knife holder plate is spray welded with tungsten
steel, featuring abrasion resistant, non-deformation and it
doesn鈥檛 clamp the knife.
2. The adjustment of the rollers鈥 ascending and descending
is automatic.
3. The speed is controlled through a powerful mechanic
gearbox, featuring speedy change without reducing the power,
lower failure rate.
4. The splitting thickness is set by the digital switch,
featuring high precision. The main components, like motor,
gear box, drive bearing, electric elements, are all made from
Taiwan or Japan brand, with reliable and stable performance,
making sure the machine with longer service life.
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