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My status
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Product Feature
This machine is suitable for hot-pressing forming & embossing
forming such as: PU leather, cowhide leather, pig hide,
movable shoe pad, sponge foam forming, vamp forming, knitting
cotton forming or various leather-wares embossing
The operating temperature of this electric-heating forming
machine can be adjusted as necessary. In addition, the up &
lower molding can control the temp separatively and the max.
temp can reach 350掳C ; it can achieve more accuracy &
completion for pressing forming.
Robust for hydraulic power can produce multiple products
simultaneously by changing molding. I'ts time and labour-saving.
Equipped with cooling device which can avoid the temp being
overheated during mass production and it will not effect the
temp of molding.
This machine is also equipped with safety device so it can
protect the operator from emgergency.
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